Moving blogs and other important things!

I am officially back and more then ready to RP once again! I’ve finally gotten my muse back to RP and Atlantis is fully awake and ready to keep going.


Yes there is a but. I think we need a fresh start so I’m going to be rebooting her, this blog will remain open, I have an attachment to the URL, but I will no longer be active on this account but rather I will make a completely new blog. 

This means all of her relationships will be reverted back to as if she doesn’t know your character. BUT. If you really want I can transfer (on your request) our character’s relationship development over on to her new blog. Just give me the word.

Thank you guys for making Atlantis special to me.

Official hiatus notice

Well, long time no post right? I’m sure most of you forgot about me on your dashboard and kept on tumbling and RPing. For a long time this account has gone untouched, Reasons most notably that I have been grounded from the computer and will continue to do so until the end of the year. I am on tumblr but since the tumblr update (back in December) I have been impossible to post things on my mobile device (my 3ds) I’ve decided a hiatus is in order.

I’ve been neglecting my accounts (especially this one) for some time now for things I can’t control, however my blogs will be back near the middle/end of the month. With a promise of a new phone I should be able to be on much more.

Lastly, recently this blog has become a source of either my anxiety or frustration. I was thinking a rebooting this blog but I have not made up my mind yet and a final decision will be made when I return.

Thanks for you time and patience,


((I have to go, it’s my dad’s birthday so we’re going out for supper and then a movie I’ll be back on later tonight, feel free to reply to things and just like this post if I owe))

((Just a friendly reminder, I don’t post a lot but I’m always lurking. Asks, RPS, whatever send ‘em my way. Tag posts you want me to see with theprincessofgold. Thanks.))

((someone send Atlantis’ ask?))

((Man I missed Atlantis o3o))

((//checks the Atlantis tag

//nopes out of there))


if we talk and we get really close and stuff and then for like a while afterwards I don’t make much of an effort to talk to you

I’m really sorry

That’s just how I function and its not because I don’t like you anymore or I don’t think about you

I just forget a lot and want to be alone and I get wrapped up in myself and my life and I get distracted so I’m really sorry

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